Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Despite it being October, there are still a heck of a lot of tourists roaming Italy.There are Germans seeking sunshine with their walking poles and backpacks. Plenty of Australians who do know how to mellow out. Enjoying the culture are masses of French,and the Brits are seeking cooler weather after a hot,humid summer, and the Americans are brighter and louder and stop to talk to anyone who they hear speak English!

But by far, the largest, most obnoxious, overwhelming group is the ASIANS!! Multiple cameras, high fashion clothing, young and silly and frequently pushy.I had one tap me on the shoulder and ask me to move as she wanted to take a picture and I was in the way. And they all have so much electronics it’s amazing they are noticing what’s around them.

Today the hikers were put out cause the rain had closed the trails and the locals were put out because all the trains and buses were packed with those crazy tourists.

I think I’d like to invite them all for a glass of wine, we could start world peace here in Cinque Terre!



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