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Keukenhof Gardens

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

tulippath1Once you get off  the freeways ,the quaint villages  along the way can be enjoyed! In the village of Lisse, NI, you will find Keukenhof Gardens; a veritable Garden of Eden. It  is just emerging as spring tries to warm up.

Only open two months of the year, what originally started as a competition between tulip growers has become a renown vista of incredible beauty…it just feeds the soul.  We drove with the top down in the car, speakers blaring, seat warmers on!

Only about 30% was in bloom, but you could see the potential. There is a huge greenhouse display that had everything in bloom, There were also various competitions going on  in several halls showing orchids, mums, amaryllis and many others.

We walked for miles,but never tired looking at all the beauty!


On The Road Again (Via Water)

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
The Road Through Kiel

The Road Through Kiel


All-AboardWe left the Volvo dealership with only 5 miles to drive to arrive at the ship and we still got lost! We drove the car up the ramp, hopped out and went to our stateroom for a 13 hour boat trip from Gothenburg (gyoatbuhrg) Sweden to Kiel, Germany.

Once in Germany, “Lucy” had a great deal of difficulty getting used to Europe.  But we eventually found our Bed & Breakfast in Keukenhof, Netherlands and will be staying here for the next 2 days.

But let me tell you about the Autobahn…it’s raining, new car, new country, and the speed limit is 120!  We stayed to the right at a respectful 70 mph. That was fine, until 2 Smart cars passed us (we didnt count the Citroens and Mini Coopers).  We found the replica  of  “Noah’s Ark” in Dracken, and are near the flower fields which we will keep for tomorrow’s adventures.

It’s been a difficult day with being lost and everything in German or now Dutch.  Marriage is a daily commitment…we will try again tomorrow.