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English Camp

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Let’s see, how do I describe this experience???

We have 37 teens and adults from the U.S. who have raised support$ to travel all the way to the outskirts of Moscow and rendezvous with 100 Russian teens (teachers and some parents too) who have given up their Spring break and paid a lot of money for this mutual experience.  The Americans have a curriculum  at advanced and Basic levels  of English that we are teaching the Russians.  Their desire is to better their English: the key to success in life.(?)

Our theme is “Preparing for the Future” and ultimately as we get to know them and talk about choices, and challenges,we ultimately share our Christian faith with them.  We are making friends, and trying to be supportive and loving.

Our facility is a pretty nice dorm-like compound, with auditorium, cafeteria, meeting rooms and sleeping quarters. We are warm and cozy inside, but enjoying the snow and it’s challenges!