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Funny Money

Monday, September 13th, 2010

The  unit of currency is the  Kwacha where the South African currency is the Rand.   There is no money-cooperation in Africa like the Euro.

It takes 500 kwacha to make about $3,  so the  money belt is FULL just to carry $100 US dollars.  The tax rate is 16.5% on purchases and an extra 5% if you  use a credit card…if they even let you .  We could only use it once.

So we go to the ATM and then to a currency exchange to convert it all to Kwacha, and pay whatever fees that entails. It is pretty, though.  Oh, and if your payment is close to the total due, you aren’t getting the change…

Omaha Beach

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

You can’t imagine how moving this special location is until you witness it first hand. It is quite a stirring memorial to the thousands of young people who gave their lives on June 6, 1944, and in the ensuing days.  normandycrossesThe photos, testimonies, and mementos of those who served really came alive in the museum presentation and on the field of green that over looks the Omaha Beach.  While 3 of our parents served in this war, they were fortunate to serve in other locals: Barbara in Washington D.C., George in Africa and Brazil, and Joe went to China.  War is different now in so many ways…Steve was in Vietnam…and that was different too.  Unlike most other countries, service in our military is honored; it is not just a job but a commitment.  But the risks are great.  We were taken with the fact that the crosses we saw represented young people who gave up their futures so that others could have one.  And so many loved ones left behind to grow old without them.