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Putting It Back Together

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Restoration is a tedious, arduous, and for the long-suffering. But it’s amazing to watch!

A church in Montalcino has just been reopened and there is scaffolding to the very high timbered ceiling. St. Agostino dates from the 1200’s and under the banality of whitewashed walls they have found amazing frescoes.  The work the 5 artists are doing ranks but very near miraculous. The centuries of pollution, paint, salts, decay have nearly obliterated the artistry of several famous painters of the time. But slowly the vitality of the originals is emerging.

There are six stories of metal bars and ramps that these modern day artists scurry across as they inject fixatives, and sand, and peel, and analyze what the ancient painter meant initially.

Saints and sinners are coming to life on the ancient walls.

It would have been a whole lot easier if ensuing generations hadn’t thought they could repurpose what had been so right in the first place.

Like relationships, honoring them and appreciating them for the flaws and peculiarities and uniqueness adds so much to life. In Italy it’s all about the time to know and enjoy what you have right now. Busyness doesn’t exist in the small towns. People help each other, multi-generational families are there for each other and put up with the foibles.

It’s a true work of art not to be messed with!