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Where For Art Thou?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


Not the home of Romeo and Juliet?? Say it isn’t so!

That’s right, an eager tour guide in 1970 thought this romantic courtyard with photogenic balcony would be just the key to kick up tourism for the city. Was there ever a Juliet Capulet? Probably, but money has it that she was most likely from Sienna. You see, a little further south, tuscan towns had neighborhoods that inspired incredible loyalty. In Sienna they are called contrades. Your identity was first and foremost that of the contrade, then your city, then your country. I am Catepillar Contrade (they are all creatures in Sienna), I am then Siennese, and then I am Italian! The loyalty was pretty intense and you wouldn’t dare marry outside of you contrade; don’t even think of it!

But the world needs romance and something to believe in, as evidenced in the 1,600 Japanese tour groups that come through yearly illustrates how that yearning is world- wide. So they come by the bus-load and drive right by the amazing roman coliseum to crowd this tiny niche and rub the left breast of Juliet’s bronze statue and to pay to lean out that balcony. Notes are delivered, and even the entry wall is plastered with bandaids with tiny inscriptions on them (and while there, keep an eye out for pick pockets)!

DSC02265 (500x375)

A Rose By Any Other Name

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Should smell as sweet!

Got to see Verona and of course Romeo and Juliet are what its all about. So the pretty little balcony in a quaint courtyard immortalized by Shakespeare (and “Letters to Juliet”…there are really mailboxes) is lovely and filled with about 250 tourists, mostly kids on fieldtrips.  

Soooo, if you’re in the area,I recommend you pass on it and go see the movie and save yourself a lot of stress 🙂