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King Wenceslaus I

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Well, Wenceslaus was really only a duke, but he is the patron saint of Prague and much revered today. Back in the early 10th century the Duke ruled Bohemia with strength and kindness. Frequently he snuck out in the dark of night to deliver food, wood, alms to the least in his kingdom. Upon his murder by his brother, Boleslav the Cruel (that should have been a clue), the Holy Roman Emperor promoted him posthumously to saint and  king. If you review the Christmas hymn about him, you’ll hear a little of his good deeds.

But to digress, Bohemia, like Tirol and Bavaria were countries that made a lot more sense geographically than current country borders. Their tribal background, culture, and ancient history give them a common ground in each of those distinct regions.

Prague is a city that is very proud of it’s ancient past, has emerged from the mantle of communism, and loves it’s beer and goulash. Oh, and my new favorite: hot mulled wine!

young boy in center is Wenceslaus with Grandmother Ludmilla

Young boy in center is Wenceslaus looking to the future, with Grandmother Ludmilla who raised him.

Hansel And Gretel Take On Salzburg

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Maria Von Trapp’s story lives on

Maria Von Trapp’s story lives on

Where were you and how old were you when you first saw The Sound of Music?

It was my 16th birthday on a very special date with a guy I had a huge crush on (Andy Andeck). We were at the Loma Theater was where all the big movies were shown in town and it would show for a year or more (Lawrence of Arabia, etc).

And don’t we know ALL the words to the music?

Heck, my wedding march was the one Maria had in the movie because it wasn’t ‘Here comes the Bride’. Well I guess that impressionable teen lives again in that today we got me a dirndl! (Steve already owns liederhosen). The women in Bavaria wear this native dress often, not as a costume but as everyday nice clothes, and men are in their deer skin pants just like any pair of shorts. It pains me to see Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer get old, but their story or rather Maria Von Trapp’s story lives on.

Deja Vu All Over Again

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Once again we have traveled to Sweden to pick up Volvo 2. We have flown to Gothenburg,Sweden as Volvo’s guests and have made our way to Germany via an overnight ferry and down through the entire country to Salzburg, Austria (Autobahn=going 90 and having the feeling you’re standing still)! My new favorite travel companions are noise-canceling headphones and Ambien. The car is a pearl white 7-seater SUV and has 500 miles on it already! We have picked up friends, Wally and Pam, and are exploring Bavaria. Still jet-lagged but doing our share of beer drinking and pretzel eating.

Big grin on Volvo 2 grill

Big grin on Volvo 2 grill

Thank you, Lawrence Welk

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

In Rudesheim  all 147 of us left the boat and went into town for an authentic German/Bavarian dinner and umpapa band entertainment.  What a great evening!

Sauerbratten, schnitzel, kuchen, local riesling, and schnapps!  

Steve was pulled into a drinking game, I was in a cowbell choir that played Edelweiss, there was a conga line led by a tuba and drum and it was with appreciation to all the Sunday nights we had to watch Lawrence Welk that I could do a decent polka. Great work-out.


Rhine, Wine, And Castles

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Cologne, Koblenz, and now Rudesheim. Bavarian cities that draw in the river boats and the tourist dollars. But they have such charm.

What enthralled me with the castles is that they were not for protecting the valley and river below, but for pirating the ships that needed to travel the water highway. They demanded tolls, and even stretched chains across the river so no one could pass.

The castles are in all states; some near-rubble, and some active museums or private homes (must have seen two dozen of them yesterday).

Our cruise line believes in a lot of free time, so I may not be seeing everything I should, but we enjoy the exploring on our own and feeling like that they are our own discoveries!


Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

THIS way out…

Exit signs in Italy and Germanic countries make me laugh.  In Italy, every freeway off-ramp etc are labeled “Uscita”, pronounced  “u-sheet-a”.  Here in Bavaria they are on everything and are “Ausfarht”.  They both sound like potty-humor!

Where Is “Rick Steeves” When I Need Him?

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

ludwigcastle1Awesome day, tho’ raining.  We headed out to Neuschwanstein Castle.  Think Disneyland and Mad King Ludwig. Oh my goodness!  Incredible!  It has such a view, waterfall, murals, and a hike. It is AMAZING to come upon this sugar-cube castle sitting on top of a mountain, built before major roads, heavy equiptment or tourists.

After our hike in the rain through  the forest, we had a pretzel and some fried “snowballs” (do-nut like or even begnet with powdered sugar) which we scarfed down after all the exercise.

oberamergauredridinghoodThen headed into another mountain valley to Oberammergau – site of the every-10-years Passion play.  Cute!  Do you think dirndls and leiderhosen will ever catch on in San Diego?? It was tempting  to buy one, and people do wear them in everyday life to some extent.

Throughout Bavaria, the houses have beautiful paints on the exteriors, history, or religious, and even a few fairytales. I’m gonna fall again, if I don’t watch my feet and keep my head out of the clouds.garmishweather

There was so much history today, I was at a loss to know what I was looking at.  Shame on me for not thinking beyond Italy (who can blame me).  But I’m gonna do some google-ing and bone up.

Tomorrow we hit Innsbrook (swaraski crystal world) replica rolex and then 4 days in Salzburg (staying at a pension just outside of the city).  I’m ready to yodel, it’s so exciting to see all we are seeing!!!