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Sputnik 1957

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

There is an unusual painting in a chapel in Montalcino. I blogged about it before, 5 years ago. Google montalcino sputnik, it’s amazing!

Well today we revisited the chapel for another visit to the orb with the antennae and got to talking amongst ourselves. What year did the space program begin with the Russians getting the very first satellite in space? After much discussion around the lunch table about how old we were and who was president, etc.

Well google let us know that TODAY is the anniversary of the launch a mere 57 years ago! I was a mere seven year old and remember it well (dating myself, but what a coincidence)! We are also in the latitude where communications and spy satellites travel across the night sky every few minutes.

Anyone remember the hit song “Telstar“?