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Monumental Night!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009


We spent the evening of Nov. 2, touring the capitol with Joan and her friend Doris at night. It was a gorgeous evening and a whole different take on all the monuments. The moon was awesome, and the line up of monuments (Capitol,Washington,Lincoln, Iwo Jima, WWII) was pretty amazing. What a great end to a wonderful day and time in D.C.


Chasing Dan Brown

Monday, October 26th, 2009

WashingtonDC 039Today we ventured out and hit 3 Americon icons. First the Supreme Court, then the Capitol with its new visitors’ center, and then the Library of Congress (new to me).

The Supreme Court is awe inspiring, and not as great a room as you would expect, tho’ the edifice if humbling. There is a basketball court above the Court Chambers and a workout room, and THAT is the highest court in the land.

We were very lucky with a slow monday, as we were able to cross the street and get a Capitol tour without waiting. Very inspiring and also a clue from my book…..

Then the Library of Congress where we saw a Gutenberg Bible, the Jefferson Library and a couple more clues.

This silly book, The Lost Symbol, is a fun read and makes the capital have another dimension. If you read Angels and Demons, it was all about Rome and was fun to chase after when we were there.

Capitol Idea!!!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

WashingtonDC 025We traveled across the Delaware Bay  on a car ferry.  It was a very inclimate crossing, and yes, I lost my lunch over the side.  Never throw up into the wind!  We have made our way down to our nation’s capitol. We are amazed to see our national monuments once again in all their incredible glory.

Sunday we went to church to hear my cousin Jeff sing and play the sax, as well as a visiting acapella choir from N. Carolina, who were all amazing. Then we did some walking around the area and sighted some of the key spots in Dan Browns latest novel, The Lost Symbol. ( I am trying to visit all the places he mentions in the book) We found the 33rd Masonic Temple….amazing edifice. Then on to the National Cathedral for another service and to check another site off my list. After all the televised church services from there, I finally got to visit it. It is the third largest Cathedral in the world after the Vatican and Notre Dame.