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No Luck This Time Either

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

As you well may know, my bucket list mentions seeing a moose in the wild. I’m not sure why but for the fact that I have been many places where they should be and they haven’t been.

This trip causes me to ponder the wonderful things and people I did see this time around but there is that void…no moose! Vermont and New Hampshire even had moose-killing season the week before we were there and they bagged 203 in northern Vermont alone, to thin the populace. But could I find one? Noooo

I guess I’m dealing with some pretty “Alert” critters.

Moose Watch

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Everyone has a story of the last time they saw a moose…’cept me.

The trip to the ranch had lots of moose areas, or so they said. I’m still moose-less and forced to pine over their stuffed relatives.

Still No Moose!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

We got up at 6ish one morning and crept out into the park on an animal quest (moose). It is surprising how fast the sun rises, once it appears.

Well we saw a daddy elk with a huge “rack” and a couple females across the way.  A  deer family and a coyote walking by them but not looking interested. A marmot, a vole, and some bison were the sum total of our animal count.

Still in search of the elusive moose, we even went off on a few trails into the forest and were attacked by a band of marauding mosquitos.

Only the gift-shop stuffed moose gave me any affection.

Where Oh Where…Here Moosie, Moosie

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

I have been a lot of places, and I have always wanted to see a moose in the wilds. You can’t find one at a zoo, or even the wild animal park.  I have been to Alaska, Maine, Yosemite and NO moose! I like moose, I have things I wear with moose on them. I am a nice and sincere person who is on a moose-quest!

Okay, so tomorrow is another big chance. They say there are lots of moose in Yellowstone Nat’l Park.I will be there  3 days and it is the TOP of my bucket list. SO you know they heard I am close and are going into hiding, but I am on a mission!