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Trip to Cancer

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Last year was an awesome year of travel; 22 weeks away from home and on the road!  The sights and tastes of the journey were incredible, awesome, priceless.  From Barnoldswick, England to Pisa, Italy,to Orland, Sweden the adventure far exceeded all expectations. And the people; oh the kindness of Raymond, Alessandro, Gunner and Dieter, Miranda, Giovani, Father Piernino, and many many others.

We returned home with some inklings that all was not normal, so doctor appointments started lining up. Sonagram, pap,biopsy, specialists, waiting, and then the day you have a date with an oncologist. How do you be cheerful as you walk in that door, the one at the very end of that long hallway?

But just like the adventures in Europe, the doctors, nurse-practitioner, staff and volunteers at Scripps-Mercy Hospital, Scripps-Green and RB joined with all my friends and family to hold me up in prayer. Betty and Mary and Andy babysat me after surgery, Donna cooked and Steve e-mailed updates. I was so loved and cared for that fear NEVER had a chance to take hold. Radiation zapped some strength, but not the knowledge that God loved me and had placed me amongst the most wonderful people in the entire world.

I need to get a map with some bright pins to mark all those special destinations I hold in my heart. Just not sure where to put the trip to cancer pin, cause  I don’t want to forget it…it too became a good memory.

Ramblin’ Raymond

Thursday, March 19th, 2009
Guide Extrodinaire

Guide Extrodinaire

“Oh, to be in England, now that spring is here.” ( I think that’s Shakespear) What a wonderful day Steve and I had with our personal quide, Raymond Chadwick!!( Gail’s Dad) We had an eight hour tour of the English countryside; from Whalley to Mortcambe , Windemere to the Trough of  Bowland,and all glorious parts in between. From frolicking new born lambs, to colorful pheasants, ancient churchyards to blooming daffodils!

It was a wonderful day and filled with stories and jokes from our guide, Raymond. ( “If you look out the window and see Pendle, if will rain soon. If you look out the window and can not see Pendle, it IS raining!”)

We had fish and chips in the lake district on Lake Windemere and enjoyed a British marvel….SUNSHINE!  A family meal around Gail’s table completed a perfect day with lots of family jesting and love:)