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Being on the Board

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

SEEDS: Sending economic encouragement to the distressed. It’s about making a difference!

What a privilege to serve on a Board of Directors. ( I serve on two but this one has my heart at the moment) This group of special ladies created from scratch an organization that has given over $350,000 to deserving groups that seek to improve and encourage those very less fortunate than I. Without leaving home, I have had a part of bringing air conditioning and heat to a refugee center in Greece, Christ-centered curriculum to South American countries starting in Bolivia, and a safe haven for sex-trafficed girls right in my home town. 18 grants in all over the last 10 years; at home and all over the world.

Creating a giving circle was all it took! ( and a lot of love and hard work) We got our friends to join us in pooling their money so that we might make a bigger impact! Through the process of vetting worthy charities, we also became better friends, enlarged our hearts, and pitched in with our labors.
We thought that worthy of a celebration!

A Dry Season

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Life without travel and adventures beyond can cause one’s juices for the unknown to evaporate! Meaning; I’m stuck at home with a kitchen remodel and I miss the wanderlust of being gone for weeks at a time. Help! I am investing myself in my volunteer work, and picking out appliances, and loving on my grandchildren BUT there is just something about heading into the unknown with your best friend by your side and delving into the history, culture, food and drink of a new territory.Added to that is total dependence on each other and prayer as you share these experiences.
In the mean time we are finding new trails to hike,looking for Autumn, following others on FB who are exploring, and thinking about walking the Way of St. Francis the length of Italy, God willing. (it’s gotta have Italy in it!)

Focus on Colorado Springs

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Focus On The Family Visitors CenterPart of us lives in Colorado. At least one month a year. Our volunteer work over the last 6 years has filled our lives with forever friends and given us a small bit of the good feeling that comes from helping a great cause.
I am about FAMiLY; as God meant it to be, and that needs all the encouragement possible as it is attacked on every level.
This year , July 2018,we worked hard on the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet at a beautiful ranch in the yet undeveloped part of Colorado Springs. Barbecue under the stars, Greg Smalley as speaker, square dancing, and a s’mores bar! We boot scooted our western garb (shopped for at thrift shops) and tied burlap and sunflowers to anything that wasn’t moving. Storms threatened but God provided a clear evening and a hand painted sunset as His seal of approval on the evening.
Hard work…good times!