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King Wenceslaus I

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Well, Wenceslaus was really only a duke, but he is the patron saint of Prague and much revered today. Back in the early 10th century the Duke ruled Bohemia with strength and kindness. Frequently he snuck out in the dark of night to deliver food, wood, alms to the least in his kingdom. Upon his murder by his brother, Boleslav the Cruel (that should have been a clue), the Holy Roman Emperor promoted him posthumously to saint and ¬†king. If you review the Christmas hymn about him, you’ll hear a little of his good deeds.

But to digress, Bohemia, like Tirol and Bavaria were countries that made a lot more sense geographically than current country borders. Their tribal background, culture, and ancient history give them a common ground in each of those distinct regions.

Prague is a city that is very proud of it’s ancient past, has emerged from the mantle of communism, and loves it’s beer and goulash. Oh, and my new favorite: hot mulled wine!

young boy in center is Wenceslaus with Grandmother Ludmilla

Young boy in center is Wenceslaus looking to the future, with Grandmother Ludmilla who raised him.