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Tower of Terror

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 is awesome! Everyplace I reserve is a uniquely different experience.

We have returned to Florence to see the Pitti Palace and Bobboli Gardens and shop at the San Lorenzo Market (a girl can’t have too many scarves).

But we wanted a quiet place out of town yet on the bus route.

We are currently residing in an ancient tower! Circa 1120 a.d. and right on the Arno River. It was for defense and was inhabited by guards or Medici soldiers. It has been incorporated into a B & B and we lucked out with the Tower Room.

DSC02958We squeeze up an enclosed circular staircase and use our skeleton key to let ourselves into the all stone lookout. The Arno rushing by sounds like Niagra Falls. The bathroom is several steps down on a different level.

Yes, middle ages improved with indoor plumbing.

And what do you say to Steve at bed time? Night,Night,Knight!!!

Parts is Parts

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Each piece of the puzzle is sheer perfection! And the results will take your breath away.


Florence with Ernie

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Yesterday (the 23rd,Sept.) our travels would have seen Sandi and Ernie Jenson jump on board. Tragically, Ernie’s life ended with a horrible traffic accident a few weeks shy of a trip of a lifetime. It’s difficult to stroll around Florence without them; to raises glasses of vino de la cassa, consume pizza as only italy can make, and indulge in gelato in exquisite. flavors. They both would have loved the feel of the leather goods, and held their breath seeing “David” in all his glory, and been spell bound at the sight of the Duomo right in front of our classic hotel.

I know I will reflect for the next several days what it would have been like, as I know Sandi is watching her calendar and seeing these days go by at home.

Today we went to the more humble Santa Croce church where many illustrious Italians were entombed; Michelangelo, Marconi, Dante are but a few.

Steve and I sat in a pew and silently held Ernie and Sandi in our hearts. Ernie was an engineer-type with a keen mind and thoughtful observations so we said a prrayer and lit a candle in front of the sepulcher of Galileo. I think Ernie would have liked that.

DSC02486 (480x640)

Lost In Florence

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Going to Florence during Holy Week, during Spring break is like going to Disneyland on their busiest day. INSANE.

We took the train (smart) and headed to all the major museums that are CLOSED mondays!!! Tried to share one of the most awesome restaurants views for lunch only to be discouraged by the $30 cover charge (that means for linens) and higher prices.  

Lost each other, lost our tempers, lost our minds.  Gelato is almost the universal panacea!

Made our 5 minute window train-change in the nick of time as it was the last one of the day. But all wasn’t a loss: bought 10 more scarves at the San Lorenzo Marketplace  🙂

One Mans’ Venice…

Monday, June 1st, 2009

gondolaracesWe left a gorgeous day in Montalcino to tearful goodbyes and much happiness for all that we experienced.  Heading north, we got on the autostradde just south of Florence and enjoyed some magnificent scenery, from the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean of Venice.

gondolas-coveredAhhhhh, but Venice. There were no gondolas, water taxis, or vaporettos running on this busy Sunday.  There were races in the canals of all sorts of floating contraptions, but mostly multi-person skulls.  Never saw a start or finish line, but  these had commandeered the scene.  They were fun to watch but couldn’t get to some places because of crowds now all reduced to walking.

venicecrowdWe managed to get to St Mark’s Square, where there is construction limitations on the campanile, only to find it wall to wall people (Multiple cruise ships in port).  Lines were so ridiculously long, we passed on all sights and had a cup of hot chocolate, and people-watched and meandered down alley-ways that weren’t impassable.

We took a bus and a train from Vicenza, where we are staying at a military base, a very ,very nice suite with every amenity.  I was slammed with a head cold rolex replica so we are staying a third night before heading to Bern, didn’t want to spread it.  Steve thinks it’s wine withdrawl.  I’ve gone 3 days without and I’m going into detox? 

So it’s mixed reviews on Venice.

Roman Holiday

Monday, May 25th, 2009

chieftainThe clock is ticking on Montalcino and Italy.  We have been enjoying the company of Andy, Lisa, Jeane and Kathie in Florence, Siena, Montalcino of course, and now headed to Roma.

We have heard lots of horror stories about pick-pockets and gypsies so we go with some intrepidation. And to top it all off, the SuperBowl of Soccer is this week.  It has been so hard to find accomdations . 

We covet you prayers for our safety.  Did i mention we have a Heat Wave  90+ and humidity?

So we are off on another marvelous adventure!!!


Firenze And Family

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

florencefamilyIt was so great to rendezvous with Andy and Lisa in Florence! 

We have each enjoyed the sights of different ends of the country, we met in the middle for 3 days in this amazing city!

segwayWe had an awesome hotel and some “pinch me” moments, like seeing Michaelangeo’s David.  Our dinner on the Ponte Vecchio was a huge highlight for me, and I think the Segway Tour thru the city was for Steve (watch out for flying Debbie, as she bit the dust once again).

We met Kathie and Jeane at the Train station from their travels and headed to Montalcino!!!

This little piggie went to market…

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

veggietruckThe market is a big thing in Italy.  No malls, no Costco, and not many people have cars, so the market comes to them.  We have our market in Montalcino on Fridays (8 AM to 1PM), Buonconvento on Saturdays and Siena on Wednesdays.  Vendors pull up in trucks, open the side panels and display their wares so all the locals can come to do their shopping. 

pigmarketMontalcino has about 3 food vendors (fresh fruit and vegtables and at least one large pig) and about 12 clothing vendors (purple is the “in” color this year).  Siena on the other hand probably had 75-100 clothing vendors. 

marketclothesNo real “deals” but a fun way to spend a part of the day. (Steve hopes to catch a deal on a leather jacket at the Florence market place)

Meet Up In Florence

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Today we meet up with Kathie and Jeanie, along with Andy and Lisa to take the train from Florence down to Montalcino

We Go To Florence

Friday, May 1st, 2009

I know this should be on the itinerary page, but I don’t think anyone is really looking at that page.  Plus, I need to add it to the calendar for my own memory.

We are heading to Florence today to spend a couple days with Andy and Lisa, and then in a few days meet up with Kathie and Jeanie to all take the train back down to Montalcino.