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At the Park

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

popi'sbackWhen my two boys were little, we frequented Lake Avenue Park in Huntington Beach. One particular afternoon when Steve had them both giggling and thoroughly enjoying themselves, an elderly man came up and approached us. He took just a moment and said with all sincerity(and maybe a little sadness in his eyes): “Treasure these moments, for they go by all too quickly Before you know, they will be all grown up”, and with that we watched him smile and travel on.  It resonated with us both and many times when we have time for the pure abandonment of “play,” we reflect on that small incident.

Then recently I read something Andy wrote in a college paper. It was about trying so hard to be the perfect parent; Room mom, coach, scouts…all the roles we take on that we forget to just BE the parent. Be there, be in the moment. Just be the mom or dad!

Well all three of them grew up really fast, and I don’t know that I did a good enough job just being the parent, but God has tremendously blessed us with the chance of just BEing the grandparents of 4 beautiful kiddos. So we play a lot. Maybe a creaky grandma going down a slide might embarrass you, but Carson thinks it’s awesome.

soleilAnd Steve plays tag until Carson falls on the ground with laughter (same with Abby and Daniel back at home).

And now our prayed over baby Soleil is here. Sorry, I’m not putting you back in your bed, you can just sleep on my chest, next to my heart because I’m BEing a grandmother!

Shaun the Sheep

Friday, September 13th, 2013

sheep doThis one is for Abby and Daniel.  We watch a British cartoon before nap time called Shaun the Sheep,and it’s a hoot!  

When Shaun is out grazing with the other sheep, we notice all these black little balls in the pasture.

Well this is the reality of sheep poop, and it’s in abundance in the rolling green hills of Ireland. Kinda cute?

(check it out on netflix and Timmy Time also)

Leaving Behind

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I remember all those years when Steve had weekend Navy duty as well as two week stints each year. He would miss birthdays, ballgames and other events in our kids’ lives.  And he never failed to notice how much they had changed in his absence. Couldn’t be helped, but it was always the wrong time to miss out.

That’s the way with this longer travel. We would rather link destinations rather than make separate trips, and it really takes several weeks to serve a ministry, or even just unwind. But you always sacrifice something by being gone.

These are the kiddoes I will miss; their cherubic faces and cheerful personalities. And they grow like weeds. Can’t you tell that they are missing “Mimi” and “Poppi” already?

Abbey By Any Other Name

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Whalley Abbey and Bolton Abbey were so amazing and were ruins from eons ago with different outcomes.

The first is an outline of rock walls and crumbling arches that defines a very sophisticated community of friars near the river Whalley.

The second was a decayed structure which was half in ruins and half restored and has been in continual use for 850 years as a vibrant church community.  

They were both in awesome surroundings and a real testament to faith through the ages.

But this is the Abby that means the most to me  🙂

Just kidding, it is not Westminster Abbey that I feel most fond for, but my diva of a grandaughter (andy the editor’s words):

Baby Caps and Panties

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Abby thought she would model one of the bigger caps!

The Gogo Grandmothers, whom we will be checking on in Blantyre and Zomba in Malawai,  sent us special request to bring:

1.  Underwear for little girls   Little girls tend to not participate in school because the little boys will look under their skirts when they stand to address the teacher

2. Baby caps.  There are no incubators  there, so this keeps the heat in for the infants.

So, I put the word out and was showered with oodles of panties and sweet handknit caps.

We have filled 4 suitcases to overflowing levels. Thought I would give you a peek of the suitcases as they were last week before another 300 came in!

Home Again, Home again, Giggidy Gig

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

stonecherubWhat I missed while gone…hmmmmmm,

My bed, my grandbaby’s hugs, my fuzzy bathrobe, my kids, knowing my way around without a GPS, and those who couldn’t join us in Montalcino. that’s all! 

Everything else was just stuff and habit, and since we are rediscovering what and who we are without jobs, there is still a spirit of adventure lurking just below the surface!  So watch out!

Dedication Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Dedication Sunday

Abigail Grace Morales, heir to the Morales fortunes, was dedicated at Green Valley Church this past sunday. Family and friends looked on while Pastor Doug Kyle officiated. Dressed in a tasteful smocked creation in robin’s egg blue, the Dedicated to the Lordcenter of attention was basking in all the praise that her excellent  behavior deserved.  Also in attendance were Miss Abby’s grandparents, Uncle Andy and Aunt Trisha, and a congregation of friends. Missing the soire, but with us in spirit were Uncle Jonathan and Aunt KC.

A light repast was held at Pat and Oscars , where all were made welcome by the management. The guest of honor bid us allgoodbye to return to her home and take her nap. Everyone in attendance is still all abuzz at the perfect occasion. God was glorified.


Golf World Quakes

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Watch out Tiger

Watch out Tiger

The golf world is all abuzz with the word that Tiger Woods is rejoining the tour after an 8 month layoff.  As if this were not enough excitement for the golfing  community,  news has leaked out that the mini super star, Abby G , is also returning to her first love…GOLF.  Secret cameras caught her practicing in some obscure location, readying her game for her season’s debut. Watch your back, Tiger, Abby G has got game!

winter comes to shoal summit

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
Baby Golf Balls

Baby Golf Balls

Rain,Hail,Wind and lots of baby golf balls pelted the Morales home on Saturday, just prior to the big birthday party of Miss Abigail Grace Morales. The weather did not dampen the festivities, tho’  the guest of honor was in shell-shock over the shindig.  The hail did not melt for over an hour, and came down with such force as to knock alot of stucco off the house.