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Back In The USSR

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

After long, event-free flights, all 37 of us arrived in Moscow at the beginning of a brand new day. Temperature 32, and light snow flurries. Everyone did super and after a long delay on a plane, we pretended we had slept and ventured out to Red Square (so named for all the red brick used).

We watched the goose-stepping changing of the guard, and saw all those magnificent onion-domed churches. Saturday seems to be their day to be closed so we stopped at GUM-an elaborate mall(which was packed) and  had lunch at McDonalds.

The city  seems modern,congested, and I am still thinking about forming an opinion. But they don’t smile…just not their way.  The Hostel we all spent the night is everything we need, and we barely kept our eyes open until 7pm when you could see us all succumb like dominoes into bed. Of course we were all awake at 3 and returned to eat cold left over pizza from supper. A new  day ahead as we head to camp!


Saturday, March 19th, 2011

We have arrived!! Flights uneventful…just the way we like them, and no Debbie did NOT sleep on the plane.

Had a quick tour of Red Square, saw St. Basil’s Cathederal, lunch at McDonalds, a walk thru Gum shopping mall (one of the oldest malls in the world) and we are now at the hostel to spend the night.  Our room is SMALLER than our closet at home.

Tomorrow on to the camp site.  Everybody loved the scarves and they helped at Red Square.

Das vey dan ya,