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Big Bells

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Did you know it’s customary to throw a penny on the grave of Benjamin Franklin (“a penny saved is a penny earned” fame)?

Or poorly cast coins are called “waffles” at the Phillie Mint?

Or that the Rhode Island delegation never showed up at Constitution Hall because their state didn’t fund the trip?

Or that Geno’s Phillie cheesesteak sandwich is better Pat’s, though Pats originated the famous meal in 1937 (author’s opinion)?

Or that the Rocky Balboa statue has been moved from the top of the steps to the foot of them and over under a tree because it’s a movie prop, not an icon?

Or that I got to attend the first NON-sell out Phillie baseball game they’ve had in over 2 years (because they are playing so poorly)?

AND the bell cracked being rung in honor of George Washington’s 100th anniversary of his birthday in 1846.

Well there is so much to learn in Philadelphia (our nation’s capitol for the first 10 years) that my brain can hardly hold it all.