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Lights out in Lucca

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Being from San Diego where the weather is perfect, it was astonishing to go through a ‘ginormous’ thunderstorm here in Lucca, Italy!

The first bolt of lightning lit up the town but knocked all the lights out. We fled under a 20′ x 20′ umbrella on a piazza and sat it out by ordering pizza and wine. It was inches of rain in a few minutes.

I thought I should be concerned sitting on a metal chair at a metal table with metal stays in the umbrella above, but the wine dulled that fear.

This same rain caused significant damage to Genoa (a bit north) and Parma where rivers over-flowed their banks. But in the wonderful walled city of Lucca, it was just another example of God’s amazing creation. But please,Lord, send some of this precipitation to California.

These are sand bags at the ready!

These are sand bags at the ready!