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Lovely To Lake At

Friday, June 5th, 2009

interlachenDay on the Lake

Interlaken is the land and city between two alpine lakes near Bern (the capitol).  We went by train from Seftigen to Thun to catch the ship that criss-crosses the lake.  We were visiting Heather, Heinz, and their baby Jackson who are friends of our daughter KC (isn’t it great when your kids become adults and share their friends with you!)heinzheather.  We had a beautiful, awesome day in the low 70’s,clear, snowy alps, azure water. 

Swiss life is amazing, gentle, and tasty.  The minimum wage is close to $25 an hour, but then it’s $7 for a simple cup of Starbucks. The public transportation is great, lots of pasture and farms with big-eyed cows wearing their bells (not all of them, these are prizes that they get to wear around their necks if they are best in show).  And every home is required to have a bomb shelter replica rolex and air purification system in it.  Heather and Heinz’s made for a great wine cellar with a heavy thick door though it was kind of scary.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Friday, June 5th, 2009


I had previously thought the Italians were the experts on tunnels – why go over when you can go through.  They know nothing compared to the Swiss!  As we left Italy (Venice via Lake Como), on our way to Bern, we passed thru the longest tunnel in the world!

The Gotthard Tunnel is 35 miles long and you just don’t want to think about it while you are in it.  On the Swiss side, as you exited any tunnel, you would be in a different world than the one you entered.  And Switzerland is drop-dead gorgeous!

One Mans’ Venice…

Monday, June 1st, 2009

gondolaracesWe left a gorgeous day in Montalcino to tearful goodbyes and much happiness for all that we experienced.  Heading north, we got on the autostradde just south of Florence and enjoyed some magnificent scenery, from the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean of Venice.

gondolas-coveredAhhhhh, but Venice. There were no gondolas, water taxis, or vaporettos running on this busy Sunday.  There were races in the canals of all sorts of floating contraptions, but mostly multi-person skulls.  Never saw a start or finish line, but  these had commandeered the scene.  They were fun to watch but couldn’t get to some places because of crowds now all reduced to walking.

venicecrowdWe managed to get to St Mark’s Square, where there is construction limitations on the campanile, only to find it wall to wall people (Multiple cruise ships in port).  Lines were so ridiculously long, we passed on all sights and had a cup of hot chocolate, and people-watched and meandered down alley-ways that weren’t impassable.

We took a bus and a train from Vicenza, where we are staying at a military base, a very ,very nice suite with every amenity.  I was slammed with a head cold rolex replica so we are staying a third night before heading to Bern, didn’t want to spread it.  Steve thinks it’s wine withdrawl.  I’ve gone 3 days without and I’m going into detox? 

So it’s mixed reviews on Venice.

Sad Day

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Debbie and Steve leave Montalcino today.  First stop:  Milan.

Where did the time go????  From Milan we go to Bern Switzerland , then Interlochen, then  Garmmesh,  back to Venice , then Salzburg , then Munich , Rottenburg, Denmark , Sweden , home.  We have to make calls to book the military bases that will house us when we are in Garmmesh, Venice , Munich and Rottenburg.