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When in Germany!

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

DSC02371The Oktoberfest is a celebration of a marriage that took place long ago (Hapsburg I believe) and was such a success, that they still celebrate it today.

It begins the third Saturday in Sept. and goes until the first Sunday in October. A mere two weeks for 6 million people to flood into Munich.

They ALL wear their native dress and arrive super early for a beer that can’t be served until the Mayor taps the first keg at 11a.m. But you have to do that in order to get a seat in one of the huge beer halls (like 6-10,000 folk in each!)

The waitress’ have arms of steel as they carry 10-12 steins at a time, then get back in line to get another batch. The food is brats and sauerkraut and of course PRETZELS.

It takes place on a huge fairgrounds with all the rides and carnival games and carnival food. Everyone mingles, and enjoys the Umpah bands. It was a great time! (no entry fee, just $10 a beer)

Practice, Practice, Practice

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

We are on the eve of the opening day of the Oktoberfest! Tho’ it had never been on my bucket list, when the planets and the calendar, and the precious moments align, then you just gotta do it!

I am not a beer drinker, but I’m an eager student. My beverage of choice still isn’t hard-core as I order a Radler (beer and lemonade). It suits me just fine. It is also a fine drink to build up wrist muscles…those steins weigh a ton. I am more concerned about knocking out my front teeth with it.