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Whether You Like It Or Not

Friday, May 1st, 2009

OK, it’s my turn to write (Steve).  That old adage, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes,” really seems to apply to Montalcino and the surrounding area. 


Sheets of Rain

This week we went to Siena (20 miles).  We woke up to beautiful dark blue skies without a cloud to be seen.  By the time we got to Siena it had turned cold and blustery (and of course I left my jacket at home).  Before the day was over it had rained 4 times (each storm lasting 7-10 minutes).

When it rains, it is either a light drizzle or it rains in big “fat” drops. It’s difficult to see in this picture, but if you look closely in the middle you can see where the “fat” rain appears to be coming down in a sheet. We were only about 1000 yards away and as dry as could be. 

The dramatic cloud formations have been amazing also!  Whether they are billowy, white puffy clouds or dark ominous ones, the shadows they cast make the hillsides look like a checkerboard. 

Even when there is nothing to do, there is something to watch.