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Epicenter Conference

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Joel Rosenburg,Ann Graham Lotz,(Billy Graham’s daughter) Ray Bentley, Skip Heitzig, Kay Arthur, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Israel, a Shite, a Sunni, and 700 people from North America……..

whose purpose was to illuminate  the role of Israel in history, it’s current situation, and God’s direction via the prophetic scripture of the prophet Joel.   And Joel ( the Bible) and Joel ( the author and moderator of the Epicenter Conference) showed us the signs of the last days of the world as we know it….and they are happening NOW(But not on May 21!)  This conference was 2 days of our Israel tour and a nice break from touring.  But even as we sat in the sub- terranean hal lwith intense security, her very enemies were attacking 3 borders and rioting in the old city in observance  of the Muslim “Day of Mourning”. (where they rue the day Israel was granted nationhood)  Can you imagine one country having a holiday that’s about anger for another country….that would be like the Ol’South having a day of morning for losing the Civil War and attacking their Yankee neighbors once a year. Back on the bus…