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Moseying along the Trail

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

While Ranger Bryan refurbished the trail with his little back hoe, we pushed on, going behind the dressage arena and stalls for the horses. A lot of them were getting new shoes as the portable blacksmith was there. Dead end at the Polo Fields where we will have a 10 mile void  and then resume .  (can’t camera to turn horse right side up   lol)photo copy

Coast to Crest Trail Jan. 17,2014

Monday, January 20th, 2014

photoStarted! The 55 mile hike from the ocean in Del Mar to Vulcan Mountain in Julian at 9000 ft elevation has begun. Did the first link on the most gorgeous of days…two miles out and then two miles back to the car. Day two was equally as beautiful but took us by marsh lands and stables to the Polo Fields. It was only a 2.6 mile round trip.  Now  we encounter  a 10 mile gap that has not been completed. So next time we will jump ahead  to the Santa Fe Valley and Del Dios Gorge. Adventure at my back door!