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Wine Tasting – Will They Kick Us Out Of Tuscany?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

caparzowineryWhat a great day!  Our awesome driver, Alessandro, picked us up on our doorstep and whisked us off to a day of wineries, meandering, and gorgeous scenery.

We visited the Caparzo Winery for a great, informative tour (with the cutest guy) and tasting!  All of the famous Brunello di Montalcino wines must age a minimum of 5 years and only contain sangovese grosso grapes from the immediate area!  Then we toured the Barbi Winery and indulged again.  We had a mighty fine lunch on their property including an awesome “bread soup,” taglietelle, and sausage with white beans.  We REALLY got winetastinginto this.

We were ferried to Montapulciano and dropped off at the top of the hill-city, so we could meander down.  Another unique, but totally Tuscan outing.  Steve didn’t have to drive and we were escorted via Alessandro’s Mercedes mini-van on rolling hills outlined in cypress and vineyards. Viva ITALIA!

Buongiourno, Montalcino!!

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Holding our breath, we found Montalcino (without getting lost) and she is all we hoped she would be!



We are in rural Italy 1950’s, a view of farmlands and vineyards from our back door terrace. The weather is sunny and mid-60’s and the street out in front of our apartment allows no cars.  Currently, a semi-swap meet is happening, and every evening from 5-8-ish the folk stroll the main piazza just to meet and greet(we are being looked-over, but greeted cordially). The main thorough-fare is almost 400yards long and  there are probably 10 winebars, 4 bakeries, 2 shoe stores, 2 butchers, 1 fish market, etc, etc. Oh yes, 4 pizzerias. We tried one last night and it was fantastico.

Stress is starting to melt away, as we do our best to communicate with the town-folks. We begin in Italian, where they jibber jabber back like we were native, then we ask if they speak english (parla englese?) and then piece-meal a conversation with a little of everything but pig-latin. Everyone eats later here, and there is wine-hour instead of tea-time. I think I can get use to that. You can also bring your own empty liter into a wine store and ask them to “fill’er up” with the house table wine.

viewfromterraceThe apartment  looks out on a stupendous view and is quaint and provencial.  The streets are narrow and cobbled, and major walking requires you be a mountain goat – not difficult, but a challenge for the challenged. We are starting to ease into a slower pace, and I am cooking pasta with zuchini, panerai replica watches tomatoes and parmesan tonight and of course, some wine. Wish you all were here, but we will try to send you the  flavors of Montalcino, Tuscany.

Ciao, for now.  Buon apetito!