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Chicago For The First Time

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

I got to go with Steve to a medical  convention in Chicago; a first for me seeing that amazing city! I rendezvoused with Elaine Faille and Pam Hasbrouck ( who was visiting her daughter Beth) The first “must” on our agenda was taking the Architectural River Cruise. It was so amazing to have ones eyes opened to all the various styles of building in this town and some of the  familiar names…Wrigley , Sears, Montgomery Ward, State Street that great street, the Navy Pier, etc. It was a very enjoyable learning experience. We did the HopOn HopOff  bus and of course Beef, and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. And did I mention the “American Girl Doll” store? Our weather was great and made for much walking . Some big cities are intimitdating but I found Chicago embracing — even if we couldn’t get into the canceled taping of Oprah.