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Simyoni Village Art Project

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The first  Gogo village we got to visit was Simyoni where a multi-purpose room was awaiting our painting. They had asked for volunteer help and 30 youth were ready and waiting.

I had taken with me 50 butterflies to be painted with the paints and brushes, and when I didn’t find them appropriate in Lilongwe, I wondered if I was bringing them back home unused.

WRONG, the good Lord knew they were for here. All of these kids (teens) had never painted, held a brush, or participated in anything artsy! They soooo got into it! At times it was overwhelming when they all wanted to paint on the walls, but we corralled their enthusiasm and got the job done from 10-4pm.

Steve and I returned on Sunday to glue the butterflies to the wall and seal all the work.  The quality suffered, but they all took ownership. What a lesson!  A gift from Leslie Lewis – in memory of her mom – helped to complete this building.  What a legacy!