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‘Dem Bones

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

DSC03178Well you won’t find this in Martha Stewart, or Better Homes and Gardens! This is Kunta Hora, Czech.

Back in the middle ages everyone wanted to be buried here because someone brought some dirt back from the Holy Land and spread it about. It then was considered a holy place, so much so that multiple levels of people were buried in the cemetery. Whole families were stacked in a single grave site. But what happens when you want to build a church on some of this holy land? Well you throw the skeletons in the basement.

But eventually they just pile up.

So why not do something artistic?

These are the bones of over 40,000 people! (plague and wars).

The chandelier contains every bone in the human body, and the coat of arms on the wall is actually made up of arms.

It’s eerie but it did help to fathom the sheer volume of people who could loose there lives in an epidemic.

And that ‘holy’ dirt that started it all, well it came from Golgotha, the word that means “the place of the skull.”