Friday, July 13th, 2012

I can’t help but think about World War II when I am in Germany. Steve and I had parents who fought in it, and evidences of it are all around.

After D-Day with the assault on the beaches of Normandy, the Allied troops whittled their way across France into Germany to put down Hitler’s war machine. What they didn’t bomb, the Germans bombed so nothing was found to capture. I did a bunch of reading on the battles and philosophies and am nearly finished “The Nuremberg Trials” (not an easy read). Does it count that I watched “Judgement at Nuremberg” the movie twice!?

Well today we are in Nuremberg. It is the sight of most of those parades you see with all the soldiers heiling the Furher. Went to the Memorial at the sight of the trials and it was appalling that the worst of war criminals; Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler were never ¬†brought to justice…they committed suicide.

The towns we have visited were all damaged in bombings but the Americans chose not to bomb historical sites so many of those only needed repairing. It was interesting to see train tunnels disguised as castle parts to avoid shelling.  

Sixty five years later it’s still a horror the world should not forget.

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