Portugal is not Spain

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

When on the Iberian Peninsula, never confuse one country for the other. Different language, different food, different wines…and driving styles.
Portuges sounds like French with some German guttural sounds; total gibberish but semi- readable with some Spanish knowledge. The average Portuguese prefer French before English as a second language.

They like a lot of fish, but also tripe!! And pork over beef.They are proud of their pastries and bread and red local wine,which is cheaper than cola.
Grapes, collards, kiwi, apples, and citrus grow in most yards and we also saw many a family cow kept in the garage. Dining doesn’t happen until 7:00 but 9:00 in the bigger cities. Partying goes til dawn and the work force takes their time getting to their job.

Portugese (male) drivers prefer the entire road and seem to make it a sport to scare pilgrim hikers into the ditch. Close calls are the norm and eyes at the back of your head are essential! And they prefer cobbles over asphalt on all roads but freeways.

Lots of special cities and villages that I’ve never heard are proud of their uniqueness and are immaculate as far as litter goes but don’t stand still long or you will be covered with graffiti; everywhere and nothing is sacred.
It’s been a lesson in culture but that’s what traveling is all about.

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