Leaving Italy

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Well the ¬†food is awesome, the wine is the best , and there are some pretty amazing sights, but it’s the people who have opened their homes and hearts to us that makes us want to return and spend so much time here.

This last week we have been in the home of Enirco and Angela and their sons Alberto and Davide (26 and 19). Sharing meals, sightseeing and just practicing their English to our Italian over lively discussions at the dinner table (or looking blank).

So now we are about to embark on our last leg.  Milan to Tel Aviv via Athens where we will be part of 100 or so coming from Rancho Bernardo on a 10 day tour of Israel. This is our 40th anniversary present to each other.

We get to Tel Aviv at 4am and get to enjoy the airport until the crowd arrives at 4pm and we can all get on the BUS!

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