In One Ear

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

And then there are the teens (of both nationalities) who are here for goofing off and not participating!  A few of the adult teachers are ready to throw a few kids out the windows and into the snow…to wake them up maybe? These folk are missing such a tremendous  opportunity; connecting with one another, and having a faith-growing experience that could change a life.

But I am one of the lucky ones whose class of Russian students and American helpers are SUPER! They are becoming fast-friends even tho’ the age range is 12-16. They teach each other games and songs in their languages, share photos, exchange e-mail addresses and hang out in the purist expression of friendship. We have had square dance lessons, swing dance lessons, a ropes  course, and of course spontaneous snowball fights.  One half day to go and we say good bye, but I am sure there will be connections for some time to come.

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