El Diada

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

It’s a national holiday in Barcelona today. Actually all of the state of Catalonia. Back in 1714, this area of Spain lost the right to govern themselves (War of Spanish Succession). And they are fiercely independent folk.catalunya protest

Next year, in fact, they are voting to secede from Spain and be their own country. The Basque area is also hot for independence. Spain is a country that has 7 different dialects and lots of deep traditions and flags and customs. They just aren’t unified. Sometimes our differences can make us stronger but not here. It just makes them critical.

So nothing is open on our last day in Barcelona and there is to be demonstrations and a large human chain throughout all of Catalonia. It’s suppose to be peaceful, but we’ll see.   (it was, and very impressive/ a human chain of millions stretching across the entire state.)

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