Chick Magnet

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Volcano GermsOr rather, make that a germ magnet. When it comes to germs, I haven’t met one my body didn’t like.

Two courses of antibiotics, I still bark (cough) like a seal, a port infection, and now volcano virus — erupting from everywhere!   I missed radiation yesterday but at least the dashes to the bathroom are fewer today and radiation is back on (yippee). Jeez, some days it’s hard not to get down. I am missing all the holidays teas, lunches etc to be with the porcelain fixture.  Thanks for letting me unload (almost said “dump”).

One bright spot, today the bank received my first Social Security check. I’m getting it early while there is still $$.   Now I just need to live long enough to enjoy it!!

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