Being on the Board

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

SEEDS: Sending economic encouragement to the distressed. It’s about making a difference!

What a privilege to serve on a Board of Directors. ( I serve on two but this one has my heart at the moment) This group of special ladies created from scratch an organization that has given over $350,000 to deserving groups that seek to improve and encourage those very less fortunate than I. Without leaving home, I have had a part of bringing air conditioning and heat to a refugee center in Greece, Christ-centered curriculum to South American countries starting in Bolivia, and a safe haven for sex-trafficed girls right in my home town. 18 grants in all over the last 10 years; at home and all over the world.

Creating a giving circle was all it took! ( and a lot of love and hard work) We got our friends to join us in pooling their money so that we might make a bigger impact! Through the process of vetting worthy charities, we also became better friends, enlarged our hearts, and pitched in with our labors.
We thought that worthy of a celebration!

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