Back In The Saddle Again

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Swayback HorseI vividly remember sitting in front of my little blue record player with cowboys all over it playing my 33 1/3 yellow discs and singing this song by Gene Autry.  I even had a Gene Autry cowboy hat and holster set. Don’t know why Mom and Dad didn’t give me Dale Evans or Annie Okley. I also remember sticking a bobby pin in the open socket above the cheap replica watches record player plug, and learned to NEVER to do that again.  I couldn’t have been older than 4 years old.  Where did that segway come from?

The stimulating shots for my white blood cell count worked. Would you believe those shots are made up of medical E. coli? Shutter! So I whined and pleaded and got them to resume my chemo that very afternoon.  Yay?

9 more weeks, can you hold on with me a little while longer?

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