Where Did I Put The Keys?

Friday, August 27th, 2010

We are currently residing with Dr. Perry and Brenda Jansen and their kids Nate, Erin and Olivia. They live in the older section of town on an acre surrounded by a 10′ block wall, topped with an electric fence and barbed wire. There is a guard on site 24/7 and an on-call private security firm.  Brenda says if you call the police, you’d probably have to go pick them up and give them a pencil and paper to write up the report.

Our attached guest house has two entry doors with dead bolt and an iron gate with a 5 lb padlock that we latch every night. Let’s see, bars on the windows, 2 German shepherds, I guess that’s it.

Oh and the best protection, is the mosquito netting over the bed.

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