Two Old Goats

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

While college friends and sisters went and backpacked thru Europe when they were young, in 1971 we chose marriage, Vietnam, and family with the prospect of travel to happen when we launched the kids,the dog died, and the house was paid for.  Getting married at 21 & 23 meant we had mucho time to see the world! Wanna see God smile? tell Him your plans.

Though not on our timetable, the travel is happening and most of it is sweet!  The guy I fell for in “67 and married 40 years ago this 22 of May is back in my life and more like his ‘ol self when we are on the road.  We are getting along, defining new roles, really really appreciating this gift of time and travel together.

If I just didn’t miss the grandbabies so!!!!


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