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Abbey By Any Other Name

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Whalley Abbey and Bolton Abbey were so amazing and were ruins from eons ago with different outcomes.

The first is an outline of rock walls and crumbling arches that defines a very sophisticated community of friars near the river Whalley.

The second was a decayed structure which was half in ruins and half restored and has been in continual use for 850 years as a vibrant church community.  

They were both in awesome surroundings and a real testament to faith through the ages.

But this is the Abby that means the most to me  🙂

Just kidding, it is not Westminster Abbey that I feel most fond for, but my diva of a grandaughter (andy the editor’s words):

Ramblin’ Raymond

Thursday, March 19th, 2009
Guide Extrodinaire

Guide Extrodinaire

“Oh, to be in England, now that spring is here.” ( I think that’s Shakespear) What a wonderful day Steve and I had with our personal quide, Raymond Chadwick!!( Gail’s Dad) We had an eight hour tour of the English countryside; from Whalley to Mortcambe , Windemere to the Trough of  Bowland,and all glorious parts in between. From frolicking new born lambs, to colorful pheasants, ancient churchyards to blooming daffodils!

It was a wonderful day and filled with stories and jokes from our guide, Raymond. ( “If you look out the window and see Pendle, if will rain soon. If you look out the window and can not see Pendle, it IS raining!”)

We had fish and chips in the lake district on Lake Windemere and enjoyed a British marvel….SUNSHINE!  A family meal around Gail’s table completed a perfect day with lots of family jesting and love:)