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Why Are We In A Place Called Venlo?

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Venlo is the location for the once-a-decade flower show in the Netherlands. It’s a really big deal! It is very close to the German border and over two hours by train from Amsterdam. I am very glad I don’t have to understand flowers and their language to enjoy the Floriade, but for everything else, well it’s Dutch (and greek) to me.  We are enjoying the show, but finding the language hard to decipher.

When I am in a foreign country I like to visit their “grocery” store and see what is on their shelves and prices etc (Nothing can compare to our produce!).  Well I picked up a great water bottle last night. Got back to the room and quickly poured a cup of replica rolex the refreshing…vinegar!! It was even  near the bottled watered. I guess getting on the right bus is more important than understanding all the labels. It looked like water, really!

Better On The Ground

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Fuel DumpSan Diego to Houston, Houston to Amsterdam. How did Newark get in there? Nothing like having the pilot come on over the intercom an hour out of Houston and tell us we have lost our navigation system and we have to land. Oh yeah, and dump fuel because we’re too heavy to land so soon!

This is our plane jettisoning a LOT of gas over Kentucky. Then we head to the coast and follow it up to Newark, New Jersey, where they think they can give us a new part or a new plane. We never flew higher then 13,000 feet or faster than 300mph. That is low and slow for a plane holding over 300 passengers. And we all got to stay in the plane while they gave us a new system.

Obviously we made it to Amsterdam and we had no further connections. We got train tickets to Venlo, ND and then a bus ride to our hotel and that’s all the stress I want for this whole trip!