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Out Of Africa

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Brenda and Perry Jansen

This summation is probably for my benefit as I reflect on the incredible experience Steve and I had In Malawi and South Africa.  Safari’s are not glamorous but folk who dedicate their lives to helping others are rock stars! They are the people who captured my heart on this God-led journey.

Dr. Perry Jansen: visionary, doctor,awesome guitarist, expert in AIDS and tropical diseases, Man of God, Caring father, colleague to many, and funny.

Brenda: devoted Mom and helpmate, tender and focused heart, hostess, musical,anchor.

Nate: bright student, college bound, passionate worship leader, great guitarist, kind big brother, huge potential.

Jansen Family

Erin: emerging woman, playful kid, good writer, great big sister, sweet tooth.

Olivia: small voice, big smile, large heart, pixie, chocolate bundle of joy and delight.

Blessing: phenomenal natural talent, dependable, quiet, polite, appreciative. Bird painter extraordinaire.

Donald:  supportive friend, gracious, focused ladder climber.

Anna, Miriam, Joseph, Lester, Ida, Lucy, Octavius, Grant, John Hamilton, John Fielder, Cory, Elizabeth, Stalkers, Colleen, Maxwell, Agnes, the kids of Takambe, nurses in frilly caps, Blue-gingham girls, the 4:30 ambulance pile-in, Chijenzes, ironed shirts, short ties, and the miracles God brought about to pass every single day.

Blessing and Donald

Things I wont miss:  Goats, potholes, crumbling roads, cold showers, bicycles, smoke, power outages, no internet, pushy vendors, extreme poverty, flying for 26 hours, converting kwatcha$, nsima.

Things I did miss or will miss:  Family at home, new friends in  Malawi, wine, big salads, servants, the warmth of the people, power outages (hey candlelight is nice) the African worship, people with passion, childrens’  faces, visiting, tv-less, early nights, early mornings, MASH episodes.

Dick and Charlotte Day

In Zomba we now have fond memories of Moira and Steve Chimombo, Dick and Charlotte Day, Windeson’s cooking, Winston, Ben, Jean,Irene, Isabel,Catherine, Faith the villages of Simyoni, Kawiya,  Makundula, the Mponda School and Zomba Central Hospital.

And we took the love of wonderful folk who donated panties, time, baby caps, pencils, quilts, stencils and funds to make it all happen,  and PRAYER and those who offered it up that kept us safe and healthy!! and a husband who shared a passion and humbly served others. Love him even more.

Thank you Editor, you keep me grounded and connected.

What a journey!


Jane’s Quilt

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Jane Keefer, this little boy is the proud recipient of your quilt, ball, a cap and some socks.  His name is “Edward John Mwale” and his mom is Agnes. He is two weeks old and came after several days of labor and then a c-section, and then 9 days hospitalized with a fever. But he’s ok now, in fact, he is PERFECT!

Name Game

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

These are the names of some of the people I have met while here…honest!

  • Rejoice
  • Patience
  • Smart
  • Good
  • Gift
  • King Hezekiah
  • Blessing
  • Often
  • Innocent
  • Trouble
  • Chance
  • Excel

and a little two year old I met yesterday named Desire.

Can you picture some of the introductions…”Hello I’m Good.”

Winding Down In Lilongwe

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

We have a bunch of painting to finish tomorrow, our last full day here at Partners in Hope.  But the BIG project is done. We were to paint a peaceful African scene in the Education Room. It is where newly diagnosed AIDS patients come to learn how to live with the virus. So it is a fearful and stressful time for them.

Our goal was to give them some tranquility. The painting was massive and there are lots of landmarks represented:  Mt.Mulanje, Zomba Plateau, Lake Malawi, Liwonde game preserve, tea plantations, and Psalm. 121:1-2

We are thrilled that on Friday morning they want to dedicate all our work during their morning devotion service.  They want to talk about the efforts and then for us to give them all a tour. That’s quite an honor we don’t take lightly. It has been an amazing blessing to US!

Baby Weigh Station

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Well Noah got finished! The weighing and measuring table is in front of it and this stencil is courtesy of Catherine Delft. Catherine is family to the Jansen’s, and she mailed this to me in the states before we left. Her design was carbon papered to the wall, and then we got to play with the colors. Hope we did you proud!

Childrens’ Corner

Monday, September 6th, 2010

New week! And we start in the room where the youngsters are seen,weighed and measured.

In the corner above their toy box, we painted a happy giraffe and a playful elephant. Not great art, but kid friendly.  We then started and nearly finished Noah’s Ark.

All this while working around about 50 patients.  We were great entertainment, especially me perched atop the ladder.

Hallway Banners

Monday, September 6th, 2010

This is the finished product down one hallway. They are to imitate the batik hangings I see everywhere.

Something is still missing, but I don’t want to add too much. They are 4′ by 7′ and each symbol gives a bible verse that it represents.

Steve Van Gogh

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Well there are times when I just can’t get up on that ladder one more time.  Steve to the rescue! He says I am making him into and artist…no dear, I am making you into a painter.

We finished two more projects yesterday and today, but I forgot to take pictures.  They are faux batik wall hangings in a long empty hallway between the hospital and the AIDS clinic. Tomorrow we paint in the Childrens’ Corner!

Isn’t he cute, he even dressed to match!

Takambe Youth Center

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Well, the first two projects in the Youth Center are done but for some sealer. Steve and I and our 6 helpers managed to do them despite it being a school vacation week and about 40 kids were in there at all times. They are great kids and so eager to help and to learn about us and our families.

Felicita, Kitty, Aisha, and Aubrey, Donald, and Blessing. made it happen!

Painting – With A Little Help From My Friends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Well, we came here to be put to work.

Our first painting project was some art in the Takambe Youth Center on the grounds of the clinic. We were assigned 6 hand picked youth (18-21yrs) who we thought would take more ownership of the project if they were involved.

We prepped (sanded and scrubbed) the 2 large walls in two separate rooms, and have painted a lot and are about 85% done at this point. The kids are really into it and everyone seems pleased, so far. Our next project is awaiting glaze to be delivered from another city, and another is waiting for the clinic to do the base coat.

But I really wanted to brag on what we’ve done so far :).  Tomorrow I’ll show you the other room’s art work!