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Scarves Of Love

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

So thrilled to take lovingly knit scarves from the ladies of N. Street Village and blessed at Luther Place in Washington D.C. to Moscow.  I was able to give these to the teen and adult members of the Student Venture Russia Project who wore the warm neck wear with the goal of being moved by the Holy Spirit to give their scarf away!

Stories are filtering in as folk were inspired to gift their scarf; one went to a Russian teacher who was the head of a christian teacher association in the town of Volgograd. She sat in on my class and was stern and taking lots of notes. Later we went to tea and she tearfully told me of her desire to have a camp like ours in her home town and of her own faith. I gave her mine!

One went to an interpreter who made the huge difference  in a beginners class. One went to an orphanage, and several went to Russian students who prayed to live Christ-like lives.  Mind you, we had been spoiled in the warmth of the scarves. It was a sacrifice AND a gift to give them away!

Herding Cats

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Lots of tearful goodbyes as the Student Venture Russia Project came to a close. Now we are showing our group of 37 around the attractions of Moscow.  We are each leaders of 5 kids in a travel team, and at every conjure,metro change, bus stop, food court adventure we must stop and make sure we are all accounted for.

Many distractions to wander off and see closer, and everyone is bundled up so you blend in with everyone else who is bundled up and wandering Moscow streets. “Where’s Lindsey, or Kyle?” “Anyone seen Blake?”