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The State Hermitage Museum

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Wow, talk about an amazing experience at the Hermitage here in St.Petersburg.  We spent most of the day on three floors of the palace of Peter the Great viewing famous art.

We were nose to nose with Rembrandts, da Vinci’s, Michelangelo, Rubens, Picasso, Matisse etc. We even managed to lose Donna, so talk about exciting!!

Getting Cultured

Saturday, March 28th, 2009


The Rijksmuseum in the heart of Amsterdam has the greatest collection of Rembrandt paintings (his home town) as well as a collection of Vermeer’s to die for.

We were frisked and relieved of our carry-stuff, but stood inches away from the paintings that, up until now, I  had only seen in books.

Because the place was open late on Friday, we were able to squeeze it in after driving into town, parking under the Olympic Stadium, and taking a trolley to the center of town (you should be  impressed by that feat).

There were even madrigal singers doing a program in one of the galleries.

We enjoyed a full day of God’s magnificent creation in the morning, and Man’s atempt to paint it in the afternoon.

Sadly we couldn’t take picures of the paintings.