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Nettuno, Italy

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

We have sadly said good bye to Wally and Pam and “ciao” to Carol as Steve and I head to the Puglia region of Italy (think achillies heel area of the ‘boot’).

Carol’s request was to seek an American cemetery south of Rome where her Uncle Albert was supposedly buried. He was one of the many brave soldiers who came to Italy via Sicily and fought up the peninsula to recapture this land from the Germans in 1943 & 44. He was one of many, many casualties.

It was about this time that Mussolini was disenfranchised from Hitler and Italians in general didn’t want to fight anyone (and they actually changed sides).


There are (too) many fields of crosses where soldiers lay. Anywhere a U.S. soldier falls, our country knows and keeps track and honors them. There is not a blade of grass not manicured or a marker that isn’t gleaming here in Nettuno, or Florence, or Normandy or….

The dear people who watch over this particular facility knew just where to find Uncle Albert and we were escorted to the site and given Italian and American flags to place into the lawn at his grave.

It was a special and moving moment for us all, but for Carol it brought tears. She had told her family members she would find her mother’s lost older brother, but she cried because she couldn’t tell her mom. Mom passed away last week.


After the Fall

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

On August 17 I was running the America’s Finest City 1/2 marathon. Only 3 miles into a 13.1 mile race, I found some uneven pavement and fell, turning an ankle. 7 miles later I decided I probably should stop running. My doctors concurred. I should have stopped sooner. My 1/2 marathon in Parma, Italy 4 weeks later in all likelihood would not happen.

In the ensuing 4 weeks I did my exercises and wore an ankle brace and compression sock any time I was on my feet.

Here in Europe I didn’t do any running, but a lot of walking through Saltzburg. Having made it to Parma, I wanted to experience the excitement with the 6000 (1500 doing the 1/2) runners at the starting line.

Would I be able to run?

Could I complete the run in the allotted time?

Could I walk part of the course?

Could I savor running in a foreign city and just enjoy it for what it was?

The race course zigs and zags through the streets of Parma. We actually ran 2 laps around the downtown section. What a great feeling after running 1/2 mile knowing my ankle was not going to be a concern during the run. It also was a great course for spectating (which I thought I would have to do after the ankle sprain). Debbie and our friends Wally and Pam from Colorado Springs were there to cheer me on at almost every turn. I think they ran almost as much as I did. I enjoyed hearing everyone around me speaking Italian and being encouraged by fellow runners, viewing the architecture of the many ancient buildings, and of course, crossing the finish line to cheers in a tongue I didn’t understand. The Run became the universal language for me and I praise God I got to be a part of it.


Parma Half Marathon

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

I did it. Whoooohooo!!! My ankle did not cause any issues & I had a GREAT support team in Debbie , Wally, & Pam!!! They ran almost as many miles as I did. Now getting ready to go celebrate!! This one is for you Robbie, Happy Birthday.


Deja Vu All Over Again

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Once again we have traveled to Sweden to pick up Volvo 2. We have flown to Gothenburg,Sweden as Volvo’s guests and have made our way to Germany via an overnight ferry and down through the entire country to Salzburg, Austria (Autobahn=going 90 and having the feeling you’re standing still)! My new favorite travel companions are noise-canceling headphones and Ambien. The car is a pearl white 7-seater SUV and has 500 miles on it already! We have picked up friends, Wally and Pam, and are exploring Bavaria. Still jet-lagged but doing our share of beer drinking and pretzel eating.

Big grin on Volvo 2 grill

Big grin on Volvo 2 grill

Back in Action

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

daffodilsresizedIt feels like home to be among the folks at Focus on the Family here in Colorado Springs! They welcomed us back with lots of new projects and challenges. And we couldn’t do it without our friends, Wally and Pam Hasbrouck opening up their house for a WHOLE MONTH! Can you imagine house guests for that long?

So far, Steve is deeply entrenched  in creating spread sheets for all broadcasts in the archives. I am working in the Events Dept. recreating and organizing their decor. So far I have made over 120 silk arrangements in all four seasons. Tomorrow is a big banquet where I get to do fresh arrangements for 19 tables and the decorations for the hall. Monday I am teaching a floral class . Then back to the bookstore to  price incoming inventory. We love the variety, the other local volunteers, and the knowledge that we are doing jobs that get left behind because of the day to day hassles.

On the road again…

Focus on the Family

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Focus On The Family Visitors CenterFor the third year in a row, we are serving a christian organization that we have financially supported over the years. This time we are in Colorado Springs at Focus on the Family, an organization started by Dr. James Dobson in 1977 and now led by Jim Daly. I raised my kids by the Dobson books: Dare to Disciple, Hide and Seek, and The Strong-Willed Child (and I think they turned out pretty great). Focus remains an awesome resource for parents and is founded on 6 principles:

1. The ultimate purpose of life is to know God through Jesus Christ and beginning with our families, to reach out to the world with love.

2. The institution of marriage is sacred and designed by God.

3. Children are a blessing and are our heritage from God.

4. Human life is sacred.

5. Christians are called on to support the institutions of family, church, and government for the benefit of mankind.

6. God created humans in His image intentionally male and female with unique and complimentary qualities.

Colorado Snowy RockiesSo that is where we stand and we are giving them our time in affirmation of that.  We have met so many delightful people, guests, staff, and fellow volunteers. Easter week we greeted over 6000 guests to the visitors’ center. We have worked banquets, Steve is working on data entry for a department, and I am doing decor and fresh flower arrangements for the annual Volunteer Banquet (for which we got an invite).  Pam and Wally Hasbrouck have given us the run of their house (only 5 minutes away) and that enables us to be here for a full month.

On The Road Yet Again

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Really enjoyed being shown Colorado Springs with Pam and Wally Hasbrouck and hanging in Denver with Pam. We went to church at Woodland Valley where they sync two locations.(you had to be there) with two worship teams and one pastor.

Pam also took us down to Littleton, Co. to see the memorial for the 12 kids and one teacher who lost their lives at Columbine.  It is such an average looking school and nice community. It was very moving, and changed the way we thought about our children going to school in safety.

Chicago For The First Time

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

I got to go with Steve to a medical  convention in Chicago; a first for me seeing that amazing city! I rendezvoused with Elaine Faille and Pam Hasbrouck ( who was visiting her daughter Beth) The first “must” on our agenda was taking the Architectural River Cruise. It was so amazing to have ones eyes opened to all the various styles of building in this town and some of the  familiar names…Wrigley , Sears, Montgomery Ward, State Street that great street, the Navy Pier, etc. It was a very enjoyable learning experience. We did the HopOn HopOff  bus and of course Beef, and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. And did I mention the “American Girl Doll” store? Our weather was great and made for much walking . Some big cities are intimitdating but I found Chicago embracing — even if we couldn’t get into the canceled taping of Oprah.

Tea Time

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Elaine and I were thrilled to join my old college buddy, Pam Hasbrouck, on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Tour at their factory outside of Boulder. Pam has great roots in this state even though she spent most of her growing up days in Southern  California.  We were glad to have her as our guide.  Celestial Seasonings is a business that grew out of the hippie era, when the founders picked herbs at the foot of the rockies and stitched them up in fabric tea bags.  Today it is a huge operation!

When we first got there we signed up for the tour and were given a tea bag as our ticket. We were encouraged to sample any of their current 80 flavors.  We downed a few, had lunch in their colorful cafeteria, and then reported back for our tour. This place goes 25/7 and brings in ingredients from all over the world.  The gift shop was tea-riffic , and I bought several flavors I had not seen before (“Orange Zinger” makes a great ice tea). We went back to try even MORE flavors after the tour.

We took in the pedestrian walk in Boulder…also a hippie throwback, but the day was all about the tea and being together!