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Simyoni Village Art Project

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The first  Gogo village we got to visit was Simyoni where a multi-purpose room was awaiting our painting. They had asked for volunteer help and 30 youth were ready and waiting.

I had taken with me 50 butterflies to be painted with the paints and brushes, and when I didn’t find them appropriate in Lilongwe, I wondered if I was bringing them back home unused.

WRONG, the good Lord knew they were for here. All of these kids (teens) had never painted, held a brush, or participated in anything artsy! They soooo got into it! At times it was overwhelming when they all wanted to paint on the walls, but we corralled their enthusiasm and got the job done from 10-4pm.

Steve and I returned on Sunday to glue the butterflies to the wall and seal all the work.  The quality suffered, but they all took ownership. What a lesson!  A gift from Leslie Lewis – in memory of her mom – helped to complete this building.  What a legacy!

Leaving Friends

Monday, September 20th, 2010

We were overwhelmed by our last day in Lilongwe.  The Dedication of our artwork and the appreciation that came our way, as well as saying adieu to the wonderful Jansen family. There are so many emotions tied in with both experiences, they are heartfelt and words just can’t do it.

What a wonderful, warm, loving time for Steve and I. We felt welcomed, that we were of some small service, made friends, and made good friends better friends.

We are Zomba bound to relinguish all our luggage’s contents (panties, caps, scarves etc) in the villages that have Gogo Grandmother groups in them.

Be safe, dear ones in Lilongwe.  God Bless you as richly as you have blessed us!


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

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We are REALLY rural now in Zomba, and only a spot of internet which I am taking advantage of for a minute right now.   Have painted in one village and have visits and “pantie” delivery to several others.

There has been time in the last couple days if i could have magically appear on a  plane going home, I would have.  Some of this is hard to stomach.  More later if we get the chance. xoxox.

Steve Van Gogh

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Well there are times when I just can’t get up on that ladder one more time.  Steve to the rescue! He says I am making him into and artist…no dear, I am making you into a painter.

We finished two more projects yesterday and today, but I forgot to take pictures.  They are faux batik wall hangings in a long empty hallway between the hospital and the AIDS clinic. Tomorrow we paint in the Childrens’ Corner!

Isn’t he cute, he even dressed to match!

Painting – With A Little Help From My Friends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Well, we came here to be put to work.

Our first painting project was some art in the Takambe Youth Center on the grounds of the clinic. We were assigned 6 hand picked youth (18-21yrs) who we thought would take more ownership of the project if they were involved.

We prepped (sanded and scrubbed) the 2 large walls in two separate rooms, and have painted a lot and are about 85% done at this point. The kids are really into it and everyone seems pleased, so far. Our next project is awaiting glaze to be delivered from another city, and another is waiting for the clinic to do the base coat.

But I really wanted to brag on what we’ve done so far :).  Tomorrow I’ll show you the other room’s art work!