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Market Day

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

All towns in Italy have their market day. And while I know we have them in the U.S., they are not to be missed in Montalcino.

I can buy my underwear, cleaning products, wild boar and did indeed buy a flyswatter for one Euro. My charades for ‘flyswatter’ attracted a crowd but I got one.

The vans come scurrying into town early Friday mornings, open their doors, spread out their tables and the whole town turns out. But then I think that’s why it’s so amazing: the WHOLE town turns out, whether they buy anything or not.

The cliques of women and the meeting of men remind me of the days of telephone party-lines; I’m sure the gossip is heating up the streets.

But they do have great produce (which you are not allowed to touch..they do it) and awesome cheeses that they urge you to sample. We leave here for other parts of Italy on Friday, but not before we check in at the market!



This little piggie went to market…

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

veggietruckThe market is a big thing in Italy.  No malls, no Costco, and not many people have cars, so the market comes to them.  We have our market in Montalcino on Fridays (8 AM to 1PM), Buonconvento on Saturdays and Siena on Wednesdays.  Vendors pull up in trucks, open the side panels and display their wares so all the locals can come to do their shopping. 

pigmarketMontalcino has about 3 food vendors (fresh fruit and vegtables and at least one large pig) and about 12 clothing vendors (purple is the “in” color this year).  Siena on the other hand probably had 75-100 clothing vendors. 

marketclothesNo real “deals” but a fun way to spend a part of the day. (Steve hopes to catch a deal on a leather jacket at the Florence market place)