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The Open

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

We may know of it as The British Open, but over here it is THE Open. It is the first and ultimate in golf and a course carved out of the rolling bluffs along the north western coast of England.  The tournament rotates on which course it is held on, and this year it is at Royal Lythum/St. Anne’s (two villages that border the same course).

This has been the wettest summer for England since records were kept, but the sun is shining on the tourney. We went to the practice round, which is more casual for the players as they hit several balls and stop to give autographs. Steve, my Aunt Marilyn (over from Florida for a visit), and cousin Carol’s husband Chris are enjoying saturday’s round. We have visited holy ground in the world of golf!

No, Not The Shot

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

I was sooo cruising thru this Chemo that I was pretty cocky. I felt embarrassed to accept meals when I felt good. Then I gave myself “the shot”. It is a bone stimulant for creating white blood cells that will let me fight off infection and be in the world. PAIN…every bone in me rallied to the call. Growing pains x 10.

Back to the pain pills and ever so grateful for the nutrition brought to my door by Sue, Judy, Marilyn, Marion , and Perry. So here comes the nausea,sweats, constipation etc to seek out a few damn cells gone bad. Oh yeah, and mood swings.

Family Time In Daytona

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

mtvernoncoupleWe were so warmly welcomed in Janet’s home  and happyt to spend a few days with she and my dad and celebrate his 85th birthday with he, Janet, Aunt Marilyn and lots of cronies.

We particiated in their Friday night get together (karaoke and all) a wonderful homecooked meal at home, and dinner at Outback, guests of Marilyn. I have had the priviledge of seeing Dad 3x in the last year. Maybe with the new baby coming there will be another visit this summer.

Then we headed back to Orlando and the flight home. Five weeks, two Pfizer conventions,  monuments, museums, friends, family, a BIG birthday, Disney, new sights and tastes…..priceless!