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To Russia With Love?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

We have a few more touristy things to do, but tomorrow we pack up and head to the airport here to head to Manchester, England via Dusseldorf, Germany.

What I enjoyed was the art, the history, the snow, the overnight train, the friends, the metro stations, and the cleanliness.

What I  won’t miss is is being cold, the incomprehensible language with 33 letters in their alphabet, the smokey public areas, the food, traffic with no pedestrian rights, the pushing, the lack of smiles, the omnipresent police/military.

So here we go…on to the next chapter!

Little Italy

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

If you can’t make it to Europe, the next best thing is a class in the Little Italy part of downtown San Diego.  Steve and I enjoy a two hour  mental trip via “the Wines and Foods of Italy by Region”: each week a different area and 4-6 wines to sample, cheeses, polenta, pizza, and dulce.  The class enjoys videos of each region and shares their own Italian stories.

It was one year ago today that we left for Manchester on our way to Volvo and Montalcino. This week’s trip will be to the Open Air Market in Little Italy on Saturday to replenish oils, spices, and memories. Bene, molto bene.

The Adventure Begins

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

After a very long day of flights, we were warmly greeted in Manchester by dear friends Gail and Karl!! We have slept 12 hours, bundled up and taken a walk in the “clough” at the end of her street (muddy path with sheep,emerging crocus, and babbling brook)  It is England and this is where is begins.