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Role Reversal

Monday, October 15th, 2012

In Daytona Beach and it’s time…time to get my Dad lined up for a retirement home.  The mind and spirit are not ready but the body is, and we are braced for a fight.  After working with him on a 35 page application for the new VA facility only 5 minutes away, he dug in with all sorts of arguments and fears.  He accused me of coming with the ulterior motive of locking him up. Tomorrow we work on some power of attorney and bank issues. Then another try.

We’ve told him he can say “when” but let’s get our ducks in order.        


Family Time In Daytona

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

mtvernoncoupleWe were so warmly welcomed in Janet’s home  and happyt to spend a few days with she and my dad and celebrate his 85th birthday with he, Janet, Aunt Marilyn and lots of cronies.

We particiated in their Friday night get together (karaoke and all) a wonderful homecooked meal at home, and dinner at Outback, guests of Marilyn. I have had the priviledge of seeing Dad 3x in the last year. Maybe with the new baby coming there will be another visit this summer.

Then we headed back to Orlando and the flight home. Five weeks, two Pfizer conventions,  monuments, museums, friends, family, a BIG birthday, Disney, new sights and tastes…..priceless!

Omaha Beach

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

You can’t imagine how moving this special location is until you witness it first hand. It is quite a stirring memorial to the thousands of young people who gave their lives on June 6, 1944, and in the ensuing days.  normandycrossesThe photos, testimonies, and mementos of those who served really came alive in the museum presentation and on the field of green that over looks the Omaha Beach.  While 3 of our parents served in this war, they were fortunate to serve in other locals: Barbara in Washington D.C., George in Africa and Brazil, and Joe went to China.  War is different now in so many ways…Steve was in Vietnam…and that was different too.  Unlike most other countries, service in our military is honored; it is not just a job but a commitment.  But the risks are great.  We were taken with the fact that the crosses we saw represented young people who gave up their futures so that others could have one.  And so many loved ones left behind to grow old without them.


Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


Carol and Chris Howarth live in Barnoldswick, they  have one son Warren, who is married to Michelle and they are parents to Owen! ( are you with me so far?) Carol and my Dad are cousins: my Dad’s mother (Marion Mc Nabb Fear)  is half sister to Carol’s dad, Sam(Nice). That makes us related! They are also the ones who introduced us to Gail (her favorite florist) when we were here 6 years ago. . . and the rest is history.

We have fallen in LOVE with Owen; rosy cheeks, blue eyes, spikey hair…and he even comes with the cutes accent. And his favorite sport is golf.  Owen turns 4 in May.



anticipation II

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

blahAs things are coming together and a lifetime of wishes and dreams are about to come to fruition, we were notified that BOTH our Dads are facing a health crisis. George got blood work back that indicated the kidneys are getting tired and on Sunday we are being interviewed by Hospice. And Joe, didn’t let us know that he was in the Hospital since Monday. They have drained his chest cavity and loosened stuff in his lungs, but they have found a mass in his lungs and will find out more next week.   Are   we facing the beginning of the end x2??  How does this impact a trip of a lifetime??? this calls for a big shot of wisdom…back to the knees.