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Out Of Africa

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Brenda and Perry Jansen

This summation is probably for my benefit as I reflect on the incredible experience Steve and I had In Malawi and South Africa.  Safari’s are not glamorous but folk who dedicate their lives to helping others are rock stars! They are the people who captured my heart on this God-led journey.

Dr. Perry Jansen: visionary, doctor,awesome guitarist, expert in AIDS and tropical diseases, Man of God, Caring father, colleague to many, and funny.

Brenda: devoted Mom and helpmate, tender and focused heart, hostess, musical,anchor.

Nate: bright student, college bound, passionate worship leader, great guitarist, kind big brother, huge potential.

Jansen Family

Erin: emerging woman, playful kid, good writer, great big sister, sweet tooth.

Olivia: small voice, big smile, large heart, pixie, chocolate bundle of joy and delight.

Blessing: phenomenal natural talent, dependable, quiet, polite, appreciative. Bird painter extraordinaire.

Donald:  supportive friend, gracious, focused ladder climber.

Anna, Miriam, Joseph, Lester, Ida, Lucy, Octavius, Grant, John Hamilton, John Fielder, Cory, Elizabeth, Stalkers, Colleen, Maxwell, Agnes, the kids of Takambe, nurses in frilly caps, Blue-gingham girls, the 4:30 ambulance pile-in, Chijenzes, ironed shirts, short ties, and the miracles God brought about to pass every single day.

Blessing and Donald

Things I wont miss:  Goats, potholes, crumbling roads, cold showers, bicycles, smoke, power outages, no internet, pushy vendors, extreme poverty, flying for 26 hours, converting kwatcha$, nsima.

Things I did miss or will miss:  Family at home, new friends in  Malawi, wine, big salads, servants, the warmth of the people, power outages (hey candlelight is nice) the African worship, people with passion, childrens’  faces, visiting, tv-less, early nights, early mornings, MASH episodes.

Dick and Charlotte Day

In Zomba we now have fond memories of Moira and Steve Chimombo, Dick and Charlotte Day, Windeson’s cooking, Winston, Ben, Jean,Irene, Isabel,Catherine, Faith the villages of Simyoni, Kawiya,  Makundula, the Mponda School and Zomba Central Hospital.

And we took the love of wonderful folk who donated panties, time, baby caps, pencils, quilts, stencils and funds to make it all happen,  and PRAYER and those who offered it up that kept us safe and healthy!! and a husband who shared a passion and humbly served others. Love him even more.

Thank you Editor, you keep me grounded and connected.

What a journey!


Mongoose Play In The Front Yard

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I am really scurrying. All of this internet work is going on our guides’ phone bill, so this is all for now.  After 9 hours in the car driving all over Kruger Park (its’ huge) I had had it for the day.  But the other three have gone out to look for some lions reported to be in the area.  The gates to our camp site close a 6 so they will be back soon.  I even uploaded a few pictures, so you should see those in the Photos page soon.  I am going out to watch the sun go down and the mongoose play in the front yard.  love ya, over and out for today.


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Click to view larger image

We are REALLY rural now in Zomba, and only a spot of internet which I am taking advantage of for a minute right now.   Have painted in one village and have visits and “pantie” delivery to several others.

There has been time in the last couple days if i could have magically appear on a  plane going home, I would have.  Some of this is hard to stomach.  More later if we get the chance. xoxox.

Back To Pisa

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Not here for but a  minute…

We are taking the Jensons back to the Airport tomorrow and will be continuing on up to Cinque Terra for a day or two.  I do not know if I will have any internet service.

I am so glad to have had the Jensons here , and to have been able to show someone how special this place is.  I have enjoyed their company a lot.

Because we will be in a new town, it might be a few days until you hear from me.  

Be safe.


No Shakin’ in Montalcino

Monday, April 6th, 2009

ourterracemontalcinoWe live in a beautiful hill town, filled with buildings  of stone, erected over 500 years ago (obviously some more recent, but still OLD).  The earthquake struck a similar village on the other side of the mountains.  We really can identify with  the scenario of the belltower collapsing.  The belltower  in this town is right outside our door, but it was retrofitted 8 years ago . 

oldwoman2Our life has slowed down.  We take a long walk and explore and then  the belltower tolls 100 times at noon to alert the inhabitants that it is Lunch Time.  We have a bigger meal at that point (and a nap or read), followed by more walking and a little wine-time.  We have to use an internet cafe while we are here so we are trying not to impose (tho’ we do have to buy something each time we are here).  

Yesterday we met a couple who are here from the US who have visited here 10 times (from N. Carolina).  We hope to hook up and pick their brains. 

Because it is Holy Week, the wineries are not open for visits, so we are staying close to home.  I got a chance to meet with Padre Piererino (little Peter) and go over the Pasqua service and I am on for Maundy Thursday as well.  I bet you never knew I could play in Italian, although it’s better than my speaking!  The photo above is our place.  We have the large window (which is the guest room!) and covered terrace (where we eat breakfast) and shuttered windows both to the left and the right (not oldmanwithcanethe top level).

We really appreciate all your concern for our safety.  We are fine, but still would appreciate your prayers for our safety (and no aftershocks). 

In the meantime, you will find us making our way through the streets of this quaint village. Ciao!


Monday, April 6th, 2009


Ciao, we are in a internet café below our apartment, that is what we will have to do so it seems to connect to the internet.  I got the messages about the earthquake.  We are fine, and were about to catch up on news and on e-mails. Let me get caught up and get back to you.  Unaware of any Italy problem, we are molto bene.  Back at you soon.