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Olympic Hopeful

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

olympicsIt was during our daily call to Steve’s dad, George, in Costa Mesa, that we mentioned our stay in Garmish-Partenkirchen; on hearing the location, he came alive with memories!!!

As a youth, he was inspired by the Olympics at Lake Placid work  harder on his passion, speed skating ,and try for the next olympics (he was living in New York and was a young teenager).  He did try out when the time came, but only made it as second or third alternate to the Garmisch Olympic games in 1936, so he stayed home and continued to dream (he still has lots of medals on display in his home)!

With even more dedication, he focused on the next Winter Olympics but then came war in Europe.  So George,  with thoughts of you in our hearts, your son made it to Garmish .

Moooo…ving On

Friday, June 5th, 2009

cowbellSay “cheeeeeese!”

We found it, in the middle of no where – the Emmental Cheese Factory!  It is a beautiful alpine factory sitting atop a large green pasture and it was quite an education. 

The cows drop off their milk, some enzymes are added, it curdles and it pressed into molds, and aged, and aged.   Bubbles in the curing process seek to escape, and  wa la….swiss cheese (soundscheesetank like Steve)!

We are in Garmisch, Germany now.  Tomorrow we visit King Ludwig II’s crazy castle (think Disneyland on a mountain peak).

Then on to Salzburg.  Mozart, Sound of Music, struedal and beer? We will find out!